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Welcome to K.U.L.T. Kress Umweltschonende Landtechnik GmbH


Company Profile

In 1985, the organic farmer and mechanic Walter Kress started to associate old knowledge with innovative technology for a smooth and environmental-friendly tillage. His intention was to make the necessary machinery accessible to all.

In 1989 the Kress & Co. Corporation was founded with the shareholders Walter Kress, Georg Kress and Gerard Storm.

1991 Christian Kirchhoff joined the company and and became managing director in 1995. He took over the company in 1997 as sole business owner and manager.

Over the years, the product range expanded and includes now all machines which are required from sowing till harvesting, except sprayers.

All proprietary developments were and are always put thoroughly under detailed comprehensive aptitude tests. Our claim is to offer simple, low-maintenance and above all, effective equipment.

Besides the KRESS machinery and equipment, we offer the full range of our partners from home and abroad.

We appreciate your interest and advise you.





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Vegetable gardening
Medical plants
Specialized crops
Ornamental plants
Tree nurseries


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