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Kress Fingerhacke

The KRESS-Triplehoe is designed for accurate weeding even at large working widths. This is realized by the optoelectronic system called Autopilot from KRESS.

The plant row is seen by a camera and the collected data are analyzed in a computer, which controls directly the hydraulic stearing. Because every bed is controled seperately, the common bed preparation and planting systems can be used without any modification. The outcome of this is high performance and significant economies of labour and machine costs.

Range of use:

Maize, tobacco, sunflowers, sugarbeets, soya, cabbage, lettuce, bushbean, leek, tomatoes, artichokes, lavender, herbs and medical plants, strawberries, pumpkins, etc.


The very bright lamp in front of the camera allows weeding even at night and the self guided system can be used after sunset without interuption of work.

Habichthacke DParallelogramm

Each hoe frame is attached by parallelogramms to the main frame.

Habichthacke und Fingerhacke

Each cylinder is controlled by the respective camera computer and moves the corresponding hoe continuously to the accurate position.

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