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Suitable to the Argus- or Habicht-System

How to cultivate ridges?
We have the solution: the KRESS-Ridge Cultivation System comes with hilling discs (adaptable to the ridge) and furrow shares.the furrow-shares cut the weeds in the furrow and along the ridge, the discs afterwards pushes the soil upwards. By using our adapter pieces, the Ridge-Cultivation-System can be mounted to the Argus- or Habichtsystem. 

Range of use:

All ridge-crops, where the ridges are formed by rototiller (ridge-maker) or dam-planter with row-distances from 30 - 75 cm (carrots, lettuce, potatoes, etc.)

Habichthacke Dammpflege

Ridge-cultivation-modules with furrower-share and 2-times adjustable hilling discs, mounted to the Habicht parallelogramm.

Habichthacke DParallelogramm

Hilling discs with adjustable working-angle, available for row-distances from 45 – 75 cm, shank size 20 x 50 mm

Habichthacke und Fingerhacke

Adapter, suitable for tool carrier from the Habicht- and Argus System to mount tools with 12 x 40 to 20 x 50 mm shank size

Technical specification:

Mode of operation
    1. Adjustable furrow-shares or cutting discs are working soil away from plants
    2. Hilling elements (shares or discs) push the soil back
    1. Working soil away
      - adjustable furrow shares
      - adjustable cutting discs
    2. Hilling
      - hilling shares
      - hilling discs
    Time of use

    the smaller the weeds, the better and sustainable the result

    1. rigid to the main frame (adapter)
    2. to the tool support of the Habicht- or Argus System
    Row distance

    Ridges from 30 to 75 cm (rototiller ridge-maker or ridge-planter)

    Working width

    1-6 row,  also mountable to existing cultivators


    50-75 cm

    Working depth

    3-8 cm

    Working speed

    dependent to the culture: 3-10 km/h


    Combination with existing  cultivators possible (Argus and Habicht)




    Exhibitions and Demonstrations


    Lösungen für

    Vegetable gardening
    Medical plants
    Specialized crops
    Ornamental plants
    Tree nurseries


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