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Guidance System based on Computer Vision


This new technology is based on a camera coupled to a computer. The computer controls a hydraulic cylinder, which acts on the steering wheels of the cultivator. This system can perform a precise steering of row crop cultivators thus improving weeding efficiency. The hoeing can be done closer to the plants than would otherwise be possible with manual steering.

The operation is easy and comfortable. There are no risks of human mistakes as the vision guidance systems keeps the cultivator in the exact position in the center of the row - even if the ground slopes.

The Autopilot can work with a fixed pump and a variable pump. (Has to be specified with the order)

Range of use:

Vegetable gardening, tree nurseries, special crops

Habichthacke Dammpflege

Computer and Camera are aligned directly above a crop row. The camera senses the position of the row of plants. The advanced software calculates the position of the row and calculates the necessary correction of the steering wheels.  

Habichthacke DParallelogramm

Hydraulic cylinder with electromagnetic valve. The cylinder acts on the steering wheels of the hoe.

Habichthacke und Fingerhacke

Control box with LCD-display in the tractor.

Technical spezification:

Mode of operation

When the hoe at the start of the row is lowered to the ground, the steering wheels are kept straight ahead. After a few meters of driving, the Vision System automatically takes over. However, if there are larger passages without plants (more than 1,5m), the system gives off an acoustic alarm indicating to the driver that he must now re-take control. This will also occur should there be an extraordinarily amount of weeds between the rows. In these instances, the system aligns the steering wheels straight ahead.

If the ground slopes, the steering system is capable of holding the cultivator at the position of the centerline of the row.
Objective Automatic guidance of hoes
Range of use Vegetable gardening, tree nurseries, special crops

The system is easily fitted onto hoes with/ without steering wheels.

By fitting a vision system on each hoe, one can operate several hoes at a time from the same tractor.
Tractor hydraulic

The Autopilot can work with a fixed pump and a variable pump.

(Has to be specified with the order)
Light The camera operates in both bright sunlight and during the night
Features LCD display with a system of menus for specifying speed, distance between rows, size of plants etc. Reading of No of plants pr. hectare, manual offset, acoustic alarm.
Working speed 2 – 10 km/h

FP161: Autopilot with camera for steering by plant rows

FP181: Optional kit for steering the tractor by connecting the camera to the servo steering of the tractor.

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Lösungen für

Vegetable gardening
Medical plants
Specialized crops
Ornamental plants
Tree nurseries


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