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KRESS Argus System

Accurate cultivation close to the row


Most versatile combination options, precise working close to the culture row, strength and time-saving adjustement of framework position and tools in connection with comfortable controllability and handling of the machine, that is our ARGUS precision technology for farmers with high requirements to their weed management.

Range of use:

vegetable growing, agriculture, ridge cultivation, cereals, special crops (herbs and medicinal plants)

Habichthacke Dammpflege

Multifunctional attachement to the front with adjustable pneumatic tyres.
Attachement to cat. I/II and delta connection. Frame with adjustable length.

Habichthacke Dammpflege

At the main frame of the Argus-System, tools from other companies can be mounted as well (Schmotzer, Accord, Rau, Kress u.a.)

Habichthacke Dammpflege

Example of the rear mounted Argus-System with smooth-running manual steering,
directly connected to a pair of adjustable stearing-wheels.

Technical specification:

Mode of operation
Parallelogramm-guided tools between the rows, spring mounted
  1. Basic frame for cat II (by request cat I), if attached in between together with park-equipement
  2. Parallelogramms with adjustable Farmflex-wheel, 2 ball-bearings!
  3. Tool frames for 1-5 tools and spring mounted tool support
Time of use

the smaller the weeds, the better and sustainable the result

  1. Front cat I/II and delta connection, adjustable support tyres
  2. Rear with cat I/II and delta connection, adjustable support-wheels or pneumatic tyres, smooth-running manual steering
  3. In between for all Fendt GT from serie 218
Row distance

from 15 cm

Working width
1 - 6 m, hydraulic folding
  1. 50 cm by a parallelogramm size of 186 mm length
  2. 60 cm by a parallelogramm size of 254 mm legth
  3. 75 cm by a parallelogramm  size of 334 mm length
Working depth
  1. Flat shares: 3 cm
  2. Standard shares 3-7 cm
  3. Furrower, -discs till 10 cm
Working speed

dependent to the culture: 4-10 km/h


Combination possible with:

  1. Fingerweeder
  2. Ridge cultivation tools
  3. Plant protect oderion shields or plates
  4. Fertilizer (only rear)

Weedingsystems from other companies (Accord, Schneider, Schmotzer, Rau)




Exhibitions and Demonstrations


Lösungen für

Vegetable gardening
Medical plants
Specialized crops
Ornamental plants
Tree nurseries


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